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Quick Overview

Contactous is user-friendly web and mobile app that allows you to digitally store contact information (CRM). All you need to do is get your phone and take a clear picture of the business card you want to add to your contacts list. The experts from Contactous are in charge of manually entering the data for you so it’s hassle-free and time-saving.

• Sales calls
• Channels
• Business developers
• Existing network


Leads. Relationships. Intelligence.
Contactous uncovers quality leads and provide actionable relationship intelligence to your organization by collecting accurate data from business cards

Convert Business Cards to Revenue
You are able to build quality contact database rapidly, across organization.

  • The business card data is accurate and hence dependable, since it is it is manually entered by Contactous.
  • Other systems like CRM and Marketing Automation can be easily integrated.
  • Contact data is a major asset for any organization gets protected. The business card erosion from the company stops.
  • The notes and history behind contacts is captured and shared. It can be accessed by users within the company on their mobile phones.
  • Useful network for an organization through LinkedIn, between linked employees
  • Potential but highly relevant network of connections, from business cards with every employee

Map Relationships

  • Multiple Connections by Cards
  • Integrate Social Networks
  • Complete Visibility of Networks

NOTE: One-time payment for 5,000 business cards equivalent to a 1 year subscription.




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