SEP Backup & Disaster Recovery

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Quick Overview

SEP is certified for every major operating system, database and Groupware application. From Microsoft to Linux; from Oracle to MS SQL; from Exchange to GroupWise, SEP can quickly and efficiently back up and granularly restore mission critical data for businesses of any size.


SEP is an enterprise backup and disaster recovery solution for today’s discerning computer environments. Supporting the widest range of operating systems and databases, SEP offers a single solution to manage heterogeneous
environments of any size.

SEP is the perfect solution for IT professionals tasked with managing enterprise-wide backup and recovery processes. Its ease of use allows for complete control of all data in the most complex of IT environments. SEP‘s small footprint lends itself to an incredibly simple installation and can be integrated into any system in a matter of hours.

Multi-Platform Data Availability
SEP is highly scalable and designed to back up heterogeneous client and server architectures, regardless of size. This eliminates the need for multiple backup solutions and allows for an entire IT infrastructure to be managed under one umbrella.

Ideal for Company Expansion and Data Growth
SEP is easy to implement and flexible to any growing or changing environment. The main SEP console can be installed on either a Microsoft, Linux, or Solaris server. Then, either à la carte or capacity based licensing can be selected to adapt to any enterprise environment, which reduces costs and allows for complete customization. With à la carte licensing, add online databases, Groupware modules, disaster recovery, and virtual backup capabilities as company needs expand and budgets allow or choose the flexibility of an all-inclusive capacity base license model.